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Role-Playing Games as an Effective Team-Building Tool

Dealing with your employees requires some creativity. Typical team building events are a thing of the past, as the modern business setting calls for drive, innovation, and fresh concepts. If you need to solve multiple communicative tasks, build a real team, get your employees acquainted and make them friends, you can manage it in one hit with Questories, our story-based role-playing team quests.


What is a Questoria?

Our games include elements of the quest room and amateur theater, as well as treasure hunt activities and intelligence tasks. Stories center around popular plots: pirates, cowboys, aliens, vampires, ghosts, and Mexican soap operas. Some Questories are based on films, TV-shows and books — "A Night at the Museum", "Lost", "The Hateful Eight".

Roles are distributed between players. Heroes, villains, schemers, and brave beauties all have their personal backstories. There are props ready for your full immersion. Participants plunge into the game for 1.5-3 hours: you need to think quickly, achieve goals, communicate, interact, use your charm and eloquence. The story is formed into a complete picture with the players’ efforts. And the outcome depends solely on them.


Questoria at your office: how, what for and why

Using role-play games, an HR-manager gathers valuable information about co-workers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Players will be able to:

  • observe their natural behavior;
  • step outside of their usual role;
  • try on a new kind of character.


Questories are perfect for the following situations:

  • As an "icebreaker" for a new team, where people don’t know each other well enough. Getting to know others through the game allows you to build team trust and strong ties.
  • When you need to stimulate the dynamics, improve the mood, boost the morale. Just before the launch of a sales season or a large-scale project, or a pivotal personnel reshuffle — any stressful moments for the team that are easier to get through with the support from your colleagues.
  • If you need to shake off stress. Exhausting deadlines, the organization of large events, and working late hours. In this case the team building indoors or outdoors will help remove any negative vibes and bring employees to a positive place.


An efficient team performance happens thanks to participants’ active communication. Players interact in the safe environment of a fictional world, and thus, aren’t afraid to manifest their true selves.

Questories help to uncover the potential of "dark horses" and to foreground those employees, who, by mischance, are usually assigned secondary roles.

There are no main players and benchwarmers — everyone participates equally. By removing barriers between bosses and subordinates, it's easy to create an environment of trust that will carry through to the office.


What HR tasks you can solve using Questories

This story-based role-play team quest helps to:

  • Make friends from different departments. Jokes from the quest live on in the office setting for some time afterwards, and participants remember, if not each other’s name, then their roles and nicknames.
  • Establish communication within the team. Conflicts and squabbles disappear, former enemies develop a friendly relationship with each other.
  • Show employees the importance of teamwork. On a neurological level, it becomes easier for people to interact with each other when they have shared a similar experience.
  • Relax! A corporate holiday with team building activities in an informal setting beats stress much more effectively than dining in a cafe.
  • Erase superior / subordinate boundaries. Top managers start looking at their junior colleagues in a new way, and promising and talented "gems" instantly reveal themselves among the newcomers.
  • Get your team building review. At times of staff reshuffle this activity helps to identify the players’ strengths and weaknesses, in order to carefully think through the distribution of roles in the real-life office setting.

Our games are extremely flexible — the stories are easily adapted for specific purposes.

Reserve your date for a team building quest in San Francisco and find out details on the website and over the phone: +123

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